Parking Gorga is located in the heart of Amalfi’s historical city centre on Via delle Cartiere 25. When you arrive in Amalfi turn into Piazza Duomo (located in the ZTL Area/Traffic Restricted Area). Please be aware there is a two way traffic control system through the Amalfi historical centre. On exiting Piazza Duomo in your vehicle to drive up to Parking Gorga there is a traffic light situated on the right hand side high up on the side of the restaurant (Locanda del Marinaio). Please observe the traffic light sequence, when the traffic light is red switch engine off, when green please proceed carefully up through the narrow street for approx 600 mt and Parking Gorga is located on the left(on a bend in the road) next to the Paper Museum (Museo della Carta)

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Parking Gorga - Email:
Via delle Cartiere, 25
84011 Amalfi
Mob. +39 335 7184127 Alfonso (Italian language) +39 351 2725793 Jess (English language)